The John C. Young Scholars program serves strong, highly motivated senior students, allowing them to engage in independent study, research, or artistic work.

John C. Young scholars work closely with a faculty mentor and receive financial support for research and travel. They usually present their results at a public symposium in late spring and their papers are published in journal form by the College. Because of the COVID-19 shut down, the scholars offer their work here.

This program was initiated through an Excellence-in-Undergraduate-Education grant from the Knight Foundation. Centre was one of eight leading liberal arts colleges (Carleton, Macalester, and Swarthmore, for example) to receive the first of these awards to encourage increased collaboration between faculty and students on extra-class intellectual activities.

Students apply for the program in the spring of their junior year by submitting a thesis proposal to a faculty member who will serve as their project director and who will collaborate with them in designing the program.

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